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About Us

QRP Consulting has been trusted with providing Relief Pharmacists to Canada’s Largest Retail Chain Pharmacies for the Past 13 Years . What makes our agency unique is our experience and qualifications as pharmacy professionals ourselves, we are experts in our field who are able to use our industry knowledge to choose the perfect candidate for our clients. Our team at QRP makes it our priority to provide the best customer service to both our clients and candidates as we care about building relationships that last. Try our services today to see for yourself how easy, quick, and consistent we are in providing you with a Pharmacy professionals that you can be rest assured – is a perfect match for your store needs.  At QRP Consulting, we are proud of our reputation as trusted leaders in the pharmacy industry who consistently provide services based on honesty, excellence, and ethics. By offering the most competitive rates, it is clear that we are focused on providing the best quality to both our clients and pharmacy professionals. Therefore it is for good reason that large corporations have been choosing and trusting QRP Consulting for over a decade now with their  Pharmacy Relief & Staffing needs in every province across Canada, even the most remote areas. Our team continues to hire and provide pharmacists with the highest quality of service that will always be carried out with our trusted manual hiring process that priorities excellence as we use our expert knowledge in that was gained in practice to always ensure that our corporate clients are always satisfied with our trusted quality that we will consistently prioritize – no matter the demand. As we are now looking to further expand our company, we invite you to be satisfied with our well sought-after services

As we are rapidly expanding, our team at QRP chose to keep up with demand from Independent Pharmacy Owners & Managers by developing a new Mobile App. This addition would make it so secure and simple for Pharmacy Owners & Managers to trust our services as we are able to provide them with the largest pharmacy database that took over a decade for us to build. We made sure that this Mobile App would provide amazing services that would all be carried out through the app with innovations that ensure the highest standard of quality that match our manual services. Our team at QRP had perfectly executed this as our new Mobile App clearly demonstrates the easiest and most pleasant experience that ensures quick and reliable hiring/applying relief pharmacy services which we believe will revolutionise the way Independent Pharmacy Owners & Managers will hire Relief Pharmacy Professionals to carry out all their store needs. Download the App today from the Apple Store or Google Play and see how quick, easy, and enjoyable it is to use as it provides the most suitable relief shifts for candidates and the most suitable pharmacy professionals for our clients and their store needs – while securely conducting the whole process & payment transactions through our Mobile App.

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