Qrp Consulting


For each service facilitated via the App, only the Pharmacy Client user will pay QRP+ based on the following cancellations:

  • Cancellation Fees: Cancellations made by Pharmacy Client is subject to a cancellation fee of $350 per confirmed shift, payable to QRP+. This is to act as a deterrent to prevent abuse of our platform.
  • For Pharmacy Clients, the affected Locum may without limitation retain rights to seek compensation or damages from the Client. QRP+ is in no way responsible for these situations and you are urged to speak to your insurers if advice is needed.
  • For the Locum, there are no fees associated with registering or using the platform.
  • For Locums, there is no cancellations to be made after confirming the shift with the Pharmacy Client. If there is an emergency, then pharmacists and techs would need to contact QRP+ directly and have them cancel in the circumstance where there is no alternative. This would be entirely up to the QRP+ discretion based on the circumstances presented.